A+ Tutoring Services, Inc. (A+)’s tutoring model, CBLPC (Computer Based Learning, Personalized Coaching) methodology is a rich collection of technology and human interface activities. Its core component uses a computerized curriculum to deliver on-line lessons to teach students. In additional to CAI (Computer Aided Instruction) curriculum, A+ supplements CAI with PPP (Paper and Pencil Practice), and computer game type drilling exercises. A+ hires tutors and/or learning coaches to teach/coach students on-site and provide supervision at all times. Upon demand, A+ can provide distance tutoring via the Internet to assist students and support on-site tutors or learning coaches.


In addition to computerized curriculum, A+ uses rich multi-media technology to teach English reading and comprehension. A+ provides students with human recording of classic fables (e.g. Aesop), short stories (e.g. Anderson), essays, and speeches (e.g. I have a dream) on MP3 players for student to listen and content to read while listening. This is ideal for rural schools where students spend hours on school buses. Students can listen, read the material and polish reading skill while riding the bus or in class. A+ also provide teachers/tutors with talking points, question/answer rubrics relating to the material students read and listened to.


A student works on his/her own computer in computer lab. Certain students wear a head phone to listen to lessons read to them by the computer. Students work on one lesson at a time. The first activity is to study the skill or concept on the lesson. The computer presents the content one page at a time. Students can go back and forth within the lesson. After the student is finished reading the lesson content, the student takes a practice test in the lesson. Practice test usually consists of 10 questions. The student gets instant feedback on whether the student’s answer is right or wrong. Passing score is 80%. After the student passes the practice test, he/she proceed to mastery test. However, mastery test does not have instant feedback. The lesson and the skill (goals in SIP) associated with the lesson is proven mastered if the student passes the mastery test with a score of 80% or higher. Certain students are directed to write a short paragraph to explain how a problem is solved on the computer. Computer education specialists grade the short essay and give a score. This helps students practice taking tests on the computer.


A+ uses this proven instructional methodology to ensure students make substantial gains in short period of time. This data-drive methodology guides tutors and home-room teachers to implement customized lesson plans to address students’ weaknesses. This program achieves exceptional results. Students advance up to two years of instructional growth in as little as a 35-hour program time.

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